Which Plantation Should I Visit In Charleston Ideas

Which Plantation Should I Visit In Charleston. (nbc daytime television even says it’s a must see stop on any trip to charleston, s.c.) Across the bridge from downtown charleston, boone hall plantation in mount pleasant dates back to 1681, making it the area’s oldest plantation, still actively harvesting fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons.

which plantation should i visit in charleston
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Around before the american revolution, it harbors centuries of history that few places in america can boast to have. As such, it should be at the top of your list when visiting charleston, south carolina.

Boone Hall Plantation Charleston SC Savannah GA

Boone hall plantation & gardens. Boone hall plantation has been recognized as the #1 plantation in the charleston area according to usa today’s 10best and is a must see according to nbc daytime television.

Which Plantation Should I Visit In Charleston

Drayton is the only original ashley river plantation home (i.e.For stunning historical gardens, visit magnolia plantation and middleton place.Founded in 1676 by the drayton family, magnolia plantation is the most visited plantation in charleston.If you can visit a second plantation, in addtion to middleton, drayton hall is right down the road.

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of natural wildlife and history, middleton place should be on your list of places to visit in charleston.It has been prominently featured in many films:It is the oldest public tourist site in.Magnolia plantation saturated in history and beauty, magnolia plantation is one of the most visited plantations in south carolina barry peters.

Main residence) that still stands.Marked as “america’s most photographed plantation,” upon arriving visitors may recognize the iconic drive lined with large live oak trees.Middleton has fantastic gardens/landscaping (even when they are not in bloom) and an area w/working shops and animals.Most of the de’s suggest doing a combo of middleton and drayton hall.

Nestled on the banks of the ashley river, middleton place is home to america’s oldest landscaped gardens, abundant wildlife and historic plantation stables.On your next visit, take the short drive out to the charleston tea plantation and experience the timeless beauty of south carolina first hand.The charleston tea plantation and the best reasons to visit.The cypress swamp at cypress gardens is my absolute favorite area of natural beauty around charleston because if its extreme serenity and stunning nature as you rowboat through the trees.

The home is unfurnished and unrestored, but the interior and exterior architecture are completely authentic and fascinating to visit.The most recent example being the notebook.The plantation is also home to.The plantation was once the home of arthur middleton, one of the signers of the declaration of independence.

The rich culture of charleston extends far beyond the city limits.This beautiful and extensive plantation was the site of many firsts in charleston and the country over the centuries.Tour the historic plantation and admire the acres of tea bushes that stretch.We visited in april when magnolia plantation’s azaleas were in full bloom, and they blew us away!

What should first time visitors do?Where to bicycle in charleston;With 60 acres of cypress and tupelo blackwater swamps and 125 acres of waterfowl refuge, magnolia plantation is a bustling wildlife and nature center in the midst of charleston county.You can still tour the farm land on one of the regularly offered tours.