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What Is A Hollow Hold. A hollow body hold is an isometric exercise that involves flexing your core muscles while remaining in a static position. A hollow hold — also known as a hollow body hold — is a movement that targets your entire core, from top to bottom and side to side.

what is a hollow hold
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A hollow hold, sometimes referred to as a hollow body hold, requires you to lift your arms, legs, and head up off the ground until your body looks kind of like a banana. An aligned hollow hold position demonstrated on the right.

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Arms, shoulders off the ground; Begin on your back with your legs straight and your arms.

What Is A Hollow Hold

Feet, legs, abs, eyeballs, everything.Get in the hollow body hold position and grasp the kettlebell with just one hand.Gymnasts perform them regularly in their training regimens as they mimic the lumbopelvic position they regularly use in some of their events.Hollow holds are a basic gymnastics exercise used to strengthen the core of the athlete.

If you’ve already mastered the hollow body hold, then combining it with a variety of presses may be the missing ingredient that you need to sprinkle in.In doing so, the hbh has great utility as that bracing, robust torso position demands the same tension required for nearly all.In the video below, i go through 5 bodyline drills:It trains your core to resist extending or arching your lower back.

Lie on your back and extend your arms overhead.Lie on your back on the floor.Lift your legs off the floor and slowly crunch your torso up so that only your lower back and glutes are touching the floor.Lift your lower body off the floor with a posterior pelvic tilt.

Master the hollow hold exercise to get your abs strong enough to maintain that position.My starting point for pretty much everyone is to learn the correct way to perform a hollow position hold.Perform hollow body holds by lying flat on your back.Photo courtesy of strongfirst.com (karen smith) lie on your back.

Plank, side plank, reverse plank, hollow hold and arch hold.Press both hands together overhead and press feet together with legs fully extended.Raise your feet, legs and shoulders off the ground and flatten your back against the ground and hold for recommended period.Revisiting this concept of transference, the hollow body hold is predominately aimed at teaching the resistance of extension or arching through the midsection.

Slowly roll onto your side without letting arms or legs touch, transitioning to a side hold.Straighten your legs ensuring your feet and knees are together.That’s why it’s so critical to pin your lower back to the floor and keep it there throughout the move.The hollow body hold exercise is used as a gymnastics approach to midline body stability.

The hollow body hold is an exercise that can easily be practiced anywhere, and is an excellent way to build up core strength.The hollow body hold is an exercise that helps to strengthen up core muscles that stabilize the spine.The hollow body hold is an isometric maneuver for bracing abdominal muscles, and it will help transfer force from the upper body to the lower body without losing any energy.The hollow body position is a bit like the foundation of a house:

The hollow hold is a core training staple — but are you sure you’re even doing the exercise correctly?The hollow hold is an isometric core exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles that stabilize your spine.The hollow hold works the body’s anterior chain — the muscles in the front of the body — including abs, diaphragm, hip flexors, and quads.This is especially true when it comes to learning gymnastics.

This position entails segmental flexion along your entire spine so that your torso and low back become concave and you appear “hollowed” out, like an object might be.To practice this posterior pelvic tilt and be able to mimic it while upside down (which is not easy), we must master the hollow hold.What’s great about this exercise is that it builds abdominal posterior pelvic tilting strength and endurance.With your upper body, lift your arms overhead and raise your shoulder blades off the floor.

Without a well built foundation, good luck building that house.Your arms and legs can be included in this concave hold, but keep in mind those are elements incorporated at a more advanced stage of your hollow hold.