Valuable Football Cards From The 80s And 90s Ideas

Valuable Football Cards From The 80s And 90s. 1984 donruss don mattingly rc #248. 1984 topps usfl herschel walker

valuable football cards from the 80s and 90s
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1984 topps usfl jim kelly; 1990 topps barry sanders rookie card (#352)

150 Basketball Cards 11 Packs CLOSEOUT 1990 95 Ultra

1990 topps frank thomas no name on front (nnof) rookie. 1997 sp authentic tony gonzalez rc #11.

Valuable Football Cards From The 80s And 90s

Also, during the early part of the decade, warren moon was tearing up the cfl and appeared on some sets north of the
Another valuable peyton manning football card from the 90s is this 1998 sp authentic.As one would predict, the official rookie card for the arguably the greatest basketball player who ever lived does command a premium.As part of that trade to secure jeff george with the first pick of the 1990 nfl draft, indianapolis sent a young andre rison to atlanta.

At any rate, it’s tough for collectors to forget the magic of pulling a 1985 topps olympic mcgwire card, whether from a pack, a set, or just a pile of cards.Barry sanders [psa 9 mint] $574.50.But that doesn’t mean all the 1990 topps cards are worthless — condition and player are key.Click on the listings or images to shop for cards on ebay.

Harry beecher’s card is the only football card in the set technically making it the oldest known football card in the hobby.Here’s a rundown with five of the most valuable football cards from the 1990s.His rookie card, produced a few years after he officially started playing in the nfl, is the most valuable football card ever sold.However, what makes this one stand out is the iconic photo, with gold trim.

If you are the highest bidder, you will get a cardIf you are the highest bidder, you will get a cardIf you owned a ’84 donruss.If you’re not looking to throw much money at it try grabbing a mint 9 for around $400.

In 2015, a psa 10 copy would sell for roughly $30,000.In december 2019 a bgs 9.5 version sold for just over $1,500.It’s no surprise that it easily makes it onto the list, as one of the most important modern baseball cards ever produced.It’s now worth 750,000 dollars.

Joe montana rc, jerry rice rc , bo jackson rc were the 3 iconic cards i wanted when i was a teen in the late 80s to early 90s.Most expensive football cards from the 1990s.Most valuable baseball cards of the 80’s and 90’s:Our favorites derek jeter 1993 upper deck gold hologram #449 ( buy on ebay ) there aren’t many of these in existence and you can get a pretty penny if you’re one of the lucky collectors to own one.

Seriously, if you own any scanlen’s cards at all, don’t let animals or children near them.Since the 1940’s and 50’s, football trading cards have grown into a large part of the sports trading card hobby with some of the most valuable cards ever pulled coming from the 1948 leaf set that features an amazing assortment of football cards.So while they’re not nfl rookie cards, here are six cards deserving of a mention in any discussion about the best football cards of the 1980s:Sorare releases new cards in auctions.

Sorare releases new cards in auctions.The 1888 n162 goodwin champions cards came with old judge and gypsy queen cigarettes and featured athletes from a variety of sports.The famous nnof frank thomas 1990 topps rookie card has been rumored to be made due to an early print run error that was quickly corrected by topps.This specific card had a production run of 2,000 copies, so it is not as rare as some others on this list:

This was the card, more so than any other in the first half of the 1980s, that promoted perceived scarcity and status.Today, it’s a bit soft but still comes in at $50 (psa 9) and $350 (psa 10) according to smr.Top 1990s football rookie cards.Whenever mcgwire was on fire, so was this card.

While tight ends rarely get hobby love, things have slowly changed in the last decade and tony gonzalez is a big reason for that.With all that in mind, here are the most valuable 1990 topps football cards, as gleened from recent ebay sales of specimens in psa 10 (gem mt) condition.With nearly 2,000 graded in top condition by psa, but with a valuation of around $3,000 it’s clearly one of the most valuable football cards of the 1980s.