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Most Valuable Football Cards 1970s. 1.4 1968 john havlicek topps test basketball rc #5 (buy on ebay) 1.5 1968 nate thurmond topps test basketball #13 (buy on ebay) 1.6 1968 willis reed topps test basketball #7 (buy on ebay) 1.7 1969 lew alcindor topps rc #25 (buy on ebay) 2 the most expensive 60’s basketball cards: 1972 pete maravich comspec basketball (buy on ebay)

most valuable football cards 1970s
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1972 topps football cards in review there is so much to love about this set in terms of design and content, making it highly desirable among football card collectors. 1975 topps moses malone rookie rc #254 psa 4 $50.00

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1999 walter payton upper deck century legends (buy on ebay) walter peyton was a running back for the chicago bears, who won the 1977 most valuable player award along with making nine pro bowl appearances. 1999 walter peyton upper deck century legends gold card (photo:

Most Valuable Football Cards 1970s

A psa gem mint 10 #236 caffey sold for $1,251 in 2013.A psa gem mint 10 #59 page sold for $930 in 2012 and $924 in 2013.A psa gem mint 10 #80 tarkenton sold for $690 in 2012.And one of the keys to the set is starr’s ’57 topps rookie card which is the most valuable in the set.

Baseball has its honus wagner t206, and football has this national chicle bronko nagurski.Best baseball cards to buy now.Beyond the numbers, fidrych was also one of baseball’s most colorful personalities and a player that perhaps epitomized 1970s america more than any other.Cards were selected largely based on secondary market value today, however their lasting appeal in the hobby was also taken into consideration. nothing beats a card that features a player from another era.Football trading cards football cards football stuff nfl facts new nfl helmets philadelphia football bart starr packers football greenbay packers.For decades it was the most valuable football card ever made, and still holds tremendous value.Gem mint versions sell for an average of $16,000, making them some of the most valuable cards from the ‘70s.

Given his decorated career as a coach and a player, (and that incident with kermit washington in 1977 that caused the game to be changed completely) it’s no surprise that his rc is one of the most valuable ‘70s cards.Had topps printed a washington variant of winfield, there’s little doubt it would have been the most valuable card of the 1970s.Here’s a rundown with five of the most valuable football cards from the 1990s.Here’s the top five most valuable football cards:

If there is a face to football cards, this is probably it.If you’re not looking to throw much money at it try grabbing a mint 9 for around $400.In high grade, they can exceed $20.Instead, they both have avoided signing too many cards forcing the price to rise beyond any price you can imagine.

It features an image of the player with a bat primed in both hands, with a great blue sky background.It’s one of the most sought after football cards in the world, and in pristine condition can draw valuations up.Joe namath’s rookie card may not be the most valuable in the hobby but it’s arguably the most popular of all football cards.Measuring in at 2 1/2″ x 4 11/16″, the card’s design is much larger than typical sports cards and that can usually expose it to more risk of wear and tear.

Most expensive football cards from the 1990s.Not only is the 1976 topps walter payton the most valuable rookie card of the 1970s, it’s also the most iconic and beloved.Not only is this bradshaw card the highlight of the set, this card is also the most expensive card listed in the smr of all football cards 1967 through today.One of the reasons is because of a thin.

Peyton was the 1977 nfl mvp who passed away in 1999.Pro football continued to gain in popularity and many exciting young stars made their debut on a football card.Smr lists the bradshaw rookie card to be valued at $4,000 in psa 9.So let’s take a look at the most expensive football trading cards ever sold.

Some of the notable cards that just missed out include 1960 fleer jack kemp, 1961 fleer don meredith, 1961 fleer don maynard, 1968 topps bob griese, and 1969 topps brian piccolo.Such is the case for joe namath’s rookie card.Swann was one of bradshaw’s favorite targets during the steelers’ romp through the 1970s, and he was also one of the most graceful.The 1957 topps football card set is considered to be one of the most landmark sets among vintage football cards.

The group of nine different hall of fame rookie cards, headlined by roger staubach, is the most of any topps set in the 1970s.The new york jets all star, and the most valuable player from the third ever super bowl has a card befitting his iconic legacy.The ‘60s had a dominant team in the boston celtics, while.Topps was the only major manufacturer of football cards in the 1970s.

Unfortunately, topps did not have the rights to use nfl team logos on the cards during the decade and many of the players are shown in airbrushed photos of helmets.Walter payton [bvg 7.5 near mint+] $1,650.80.With all that in mind, here is the list of the 12 most valuable 1970 topps football cards according to psa 8 prices as listed in the psa sports market report price guide.With nearly 2,000 graded in top condition by psa, but with a valuation of around $3,000 it’s clearly one of the most valuable football cards of the 1980s.