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Mom Marathon Pushing Stroller. A multitasking montana mom ran a 3:11 marathon while pushing her three kids in a stroller. A triple stroller record is just obscure.

mom marathon pushing stroller
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A young mother is inspiring parents everywhere after she broke a record for running a marathon while pushing her three children in a triple stroller. And she did it in 3 hours, 11 minutes, which equates to roughly 7 minutes per mile.

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Arnold ran the entire marathon while pushing a triple jogging stroller with her three kids. Be sure to pack extra because they will inevitably throw half of them overboard mid run.

Mom Marathon Pushing Stroller

Her time was incredible, especially since the stroller (with kids) weighed 150 pounds!Jessica bruce, ph.d., finished abingdon marathon in the united kingdom with a time of 3:17:52.July 18, 2019 at 2:26 p.m.Load the stroller down with more than enough snacks to get through your training run.

Mom runs 3:11 marathon while pushing 185 pounds in triple stroller.Mom runs 3h, 11m marathon while pushing three kids in stroller by casey carter aug 12, 2019So she ran for 26.2 miles while pushing 185 pounds.Suzy goodwin, 35, ran the north.

That’s despite her kids being a year older and weighing in at a collective 130 pounds, when you factor in the stroller, arnold was pushing 185 pounds the entire marathon.The combined weight of the children & the stroller itself was 185 lbs.There is nothing worse than having to cut your training run short because someone is having a meltdown.Theresa marie pitts, 38, ran the 26.2 miler while pushing a triple stroller in under 4 hours and 30 minutes, breaking a guinness world record in the process.

While the time is still pending as far as whether she’s broken the guinness world record for a woman pushing a stroller during a marathon, bruce is still in awe of her accomplishment.