Football Helmet Painting And Reconditioning 2021

Football Helmet Painting And Reconditioning. $42.50 if all you need or want is new paint, send us your helmet and we will have it painted with football helmet paint. *helmets will only be painted upon request.

football helmet painting and reconditioning
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Abusive treatments or any use other than the playing of american football. Additional charges may apply for custom paint colors for the helmet.

Football Helmet Painting And Reconditioning

Any other color, metal flake accents, candy finish, pearl finish, wings and horn designs.
Athletic helmet reconditioning is a sports equipment reconditioning and recertification provider.Athletic helmet reconditioning specializes in football helmet reconditioning.Between practice, games and being thrown in lockers and gym bags in between, helmets can get scratched and scuffed.

Breakdown, inspection and sanitizing of all parts of the helmet.Changing the color of the helmet is $25 per helmet.Complete the form with the number of facemask (s) and desired color.Do not use your helmet to butt, ram, or spear an opposing player.this is in violation of the football rules and such use can result in severe head or neck injuries, paralysis or death to.

Finally, helmets are retested according to naera requirements, ensuring that the helmets meet all xenith & nocsae standards.Football helmet reconditioning & nocsae recertification:Football helmets take a lot of abuse over the course of a season.Furthermore, the air bladder, pads and hardware can become damaged and compromise safety.

Go play your helmet is returned fully reconditioned, recertified and ready for the next season.Hardware will be cleaned and/or replaced.How are football helmets tested?I recently started a football helmet reconditioning company.

If a helmet has been made prior to january 2017, what the manufacturer requires regarding reconditioning and care to maintain warranty can be used as guidance for continued use.If you don’t know about the reconditioning process, then let us explain you in.Inspection we will evaluate your helmet and call you with an exact price before any work is done.Internal parts are reinstalled in the same helmet and rejected parts are replaced with new oem parts.

Is it missing parts we should be able to replace them.Members are licensed by nocsae to recertify football.My question has to do w/ the face masks that go on the helmet.New recertification, nocsae, warning, size and initial season.

Nocsae recommends helmets manufactured during this time period.Order the needed decals from our website and your helmet will look as good or.Painting a football helmet is actually an easy thing to do if you follow the correct steps.Reconditioning and recertification includes cleaning, sanitizing, buffing/painting/color changes, inspection, repairs and nocsae certification.

Redipping face masks for football helmets.Removal of, or obliteration of, the warranty label, date code or warning labels.Repainting the current color of the helmet is an additional $10 per helmet.Replace hardware any missing or defective parts, as necessary, to meet nocsae standards (cost of replacement parts extra)

Send us your old football helmet and we will make it look like new.Shell will be sanded and repainted.Shells are inspected, cleaned, sanitized and prepped for finish.So far all we do is buff, paint, wax & certify helmets.

The helmet will go through reconditioning, and then it will be painted so you can have the right and safest gear to use for the longest time.The price does not include any parts that need to be rejected or replaced.The seal and logo are permanently branded or stamped on the outside rear portion of the helmet.They are coated with polyethylene powder.

They’re afterwards hold up to nocsae standards to have certain they pass.This service is great for someone that wants a helmet painted for display purposes.Utilizes 30 years of recoating experience.Varsity and youth football helmet component parts are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year provided there has been normal use and proper.

We are the only naera & nocsae certified reconditioner in oklahoma.We have the expertise and the experience to ensure the helmets your athletes wear adhere to the strictest standards of safety and aesthetic quality established by the national operating committee on standards for athletic equipment (nocsae) and the national athletic equipment reconditioning.We offer the highest quality reconditioning at the most competitive rates available.We scrub your helmet removing the sweat, germs and bacteria so the helmet is ready to be worn again.

We will fill the gouges, sand, clean inside and out then add new paint.We will recondition any helmet brand!Where can i get a football helmet painted and reconditioned?