1982 Topps Football Cards Worth Money References

1982 Topps Football Cards Worth Money. 1957 topps dick “night train” lane rookie card. 1982 topps #1 ken anderson.

1982 topps football cards worth money
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1982 topps #1 steve carlton. 1982 topps base set baseball card values.

1963 Topps 553 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates RC

1982 topps base set football card values. 1982 topps cal ripken jr.

1982 Topps Football Cards Worth Money

2 top john elway rookie cards.2015 topps cricket world icc match attax trading cards.3 buy john elway autographed football cards on ebay.3.1 1984 john elway topps rc #63.

3.2 1982 john elway tcma oneonta yankees baseball #13.3.3 1984 john elway topps stickers #179.4 john elway rookie card:.530 rows checklist, information, prices & values on 1982 topps vintage football cards set and price.

A psa gem mint 10 #216 montana s
old for $11,352 in 2013.
A psa gem mint 10 #216 montana sold for $14,954 in 2014.A psa gem mint 10 #216 montana sold for $75,808 in 2021.A psa gem mint 10 #434 lawrence taylor sold for $3,382 in 2020.

A psa gem mint 10 #434 lawrence taylor sold for $8,400 in 2021.A psa gem mint 10 montana sold for $6,780 in 2011.Along the way, ripken lifted his cardboard into hobby stardom, too, beginning with his 1982 topps base rookie card that he shared with bobby bonner and jeff schneider.As a result, their nfl rookie cards aren’t held in quite the same regard on the secondary market.

Cards depicting multiple players generally don’t draw as high of a value as those focused on a single athlete.Check prices on ebay (affiliate link) check prices on amazon (affiliate link) 1982 topps cris collinsworth (#44)Dick “night train” lane was arguably one of the most feared tacklers to ever play defensive secondary in the nfl.He would flat out thump opposing offensive players with punishing hits.

His 1957 topps rookie card is one of several key cards from this legendary set.However they also appeared in 1984 topps usfl.If you’re not looking to throw much money at it try grabbing a mint 9 for around $400.Joe montana cards required to complete the topps basic set (with psa weights) 1981 topps joe montana #216 (10.00) 1982 topps joe montana #169 (3.50) 1983 topps joe montana #488 (3.50) 1984 topps joe montana #358 (3.00) 1985 topps joe montana #157 (4.00) 1986 topps joe montana #156 (3.50) 1987 topps joe montana #112 (2.00) 1988 topps joe montana #38 (2.00)

Once the absolute hottest card in the hobby, this classic rc often sells for under $10 in decent raw condition today but reaches $50 or more in psa 9 and well into three figures — often more than $500 — for psa 10 copies.Once you’ve gone through and searched for the value of your football cards using our price guide, you have several different options:One of cal ripken jr’s most valuable baseball cards from the 1980’s is his 1982 topps traded rookie card.Payton cardboard is popular wherever it appears, and this 1982 topps card checks in at $20 in psa 9.

Rc/bob bonner rc/jeff schneider rc #21.Steve young and reggie white both have their first nfl rookie cards.The 1982 topps football card set contains 528 cards, which are easily recognizable by their colorful banners.The checklist also includes cards from former usfl players who moved to the nfl.

The key card in 1986 topps football is the jerry rice rookie card.Therefore a gem mint condition pops up a lot more often than some other cards from the era.This gives you a much more accurate estimate of what your football card is worth.This was the first topps football card set licensed by the nfl, so the cards finally feature official team logos on the cards and in the pictures.

Three psa gem mint 10 #216 joe montanas sold for $13,750, $16,100 and $17,900 in 2016.To look up graded football cards, enter the grading company and grade, for example psa 9 or bgs 9.Two psa gem mint 10 ronnie lott rookies sold for $1,250 and $1,325 in 2008 respectively.When found in gem mint condition these sell for $1,500, on average.

With nearly 2,000 graded in top condition by psa, but with a valuation of around $3,000 it’s clearly one of the most valuable football cards of the 1980s.With the bright orange curved borders, team and player name, the design of the card pairs up nicely with the orioles team colors.You’re probably not buying this card for the guys on the left and right.